Genius Hour Proposal

Shoal Creek SOUP-ER Stars

My Ideas...

My Plan is to help put a stop to hunger, but this time to get others excited I've planned on having a competition with Liberty Oaks to see who can raise the most soup cans.Hunger is a HUGE problem and with others help we can show people how SOUP-ER Shoal Creek Stars really are!


I've planned for the soup drive to take place on the week of May 6th through the 10th. I plan to collect all cans on Friday the 10th I would like to see about getting food bins from Harvesters and decorating them like soup cans to pick the cans up with on Friday!

frequently asked questions


Why soup? I chose soup because it is one of the top 5 needs in Harvesters warehouse and is not usually donated by food drives or other stores such as Target and Walmart.

Why are you having a competing with Liberty Oaks

I've chose a school to race with Shoal Creek to get everybody excited and get others involved.

Making Shoal Creek SOUP-ER