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Gantz Associates - About Us

“In matters of truth and justice, there is no difference between large and small problems, for issues concerning the treatment of people are all the same.” – Albert Einstein


Gantz Associates was founded in 1999 by Adam J. Gantz, a hard-working, caring attorney with expertise in real estate, bankruptcy, and other areas of law directly affecting the daily lives of Michigan residents.

After years of experience with large firms, Adam set out on his own to offer the integrity and competence of a small firm environment to hard-working people in need of sound legal advice and no-nonsense representation. In response to the economic challenges of the past few years, Gantz Associates expanded its scope to provide homeowners with an array of legal services aimed at saving homes, including mortgage modification, foreclosure prevention litigation and bankruptcy, among other services.

The main focus of this firm is to help people in need and fix legitimate legal problems in an honest, fair and affordable way. “If we believe you can do it on your own, we won’t charge you,” says Adam.

Many lawyers are looking to make money off of your hardships. That’s not the way at Gantz Associates. We are here for you – we have our clients in sharp focus, and we work hard for your best interests and best outcomes.

“When someone can’t sleep at night because they are worrying about losing their home, their livelihood, or life as they know it, I want them to think, ‘Call Adam Gantz’,” says the firm’s founder, Adam J. Gantz. “Our values mirror the values and desires of our clients – we are hard-working, sincere people helping others to protect the American dream.”

Gantz Associates represents its clients in many areas of law including:

• Foreclosure prevention

• Bankruptcy

• Social security disability

• Estate planning, probate administration, probate litigation

• Personal Injury

• Debt settlement and credit repair

• Criminal law

• Family law

• Employment law

• Corporate formation and support

• Commercial litigation

• Real estate transactions and litigation

• IRS defense

• Appeals