VCR Lesson 3


Fill in the blank:

The BLANK writings of Revolutionary War heros and politicians are well preserved today so that we are able to study first hand accounts of the time period.
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1. Characteristic of a much earlier or primitive period

2. Antiquated; out of date

Part of Speech


archaism= noun











Latin Roots

arkhein "to begin", "to be first"

arkhos "ruler, "first in rank"

So, if something was the "beginning", it probably came first and outdated something else, making it ARCHAIC.

In which sentence is "archaic" used incorrectly?

a) The archaic computers in the office were replaced with brand new MacBooks.

b) Due to a lack of funding, the school was not able to afford archaic textbooks to replace the old ones.

c) Archeologists have been able to discover many archaic tools, which lead to the conclusion that early humans were intelligent enough to invent rudimentary devices.

d) When going through the attic, Susan discovered many archaic pieces of clothing from her mother's high school days.