Helium (He)

Reward: A Party Balloon

First Found

Helium was found on the sun before it was found on the earth. Pierre Jules Cesar Janssen, a French astronomer, noticed a yellow line in the sun's spectrum while studying a solar eclipse in 1868. Sir Nockman Lockyer, and English astronomer, realized that this line could not be produced by any known element of the time. This element was named helium by Lockyer.

Where is it found?

Helium just flows freely in and out of atmospheres, so you could probably find a lot of it out in space. On Earth you can find helium in a mineral that contains uranium called clevite. Those are some places where you can find helium.


Helium is a very light gas. It's atomic mass is only 4.00 in atomic mass units. It is a very loose gas, meaning that it goes in and out of atmospheres and goes freely. If you swallow helium it makes your voice very high pitched. That is what helium is like.


Helium may make your voice sound squeaky and may attract an audience.