FEC Weekly News

September 19th, 2016

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Have an awesome week!!!

Kudos to all of you on the Twitter challenge!! Let's keep that momentum going, and keep the walls of FEC down. It's so fun to see everything going on!! I'm in the building, and even I saw so much more than I usually do!

Our first screening of the year is done! Whew! It was a busy one. Thanks to everyone who pitched in to make it run smoothly! You will see some new faces at FEC from our screening day. :)

DRDP window is closing! The next two weeks are for entering data. If you need help collecting data or any other type of support, shoot me an email and I will come in and help!

Make this week great!!


Things to Remember...


September 20th: Brown Day

September 21st: Red Day - Jen out in the am

September 22nd: Yellow Day - Jen at admin meeting

September 23rd: Blue Day

September 27th: Green Day

September 28th: Purple Day

September 29th: Black/White Day - Jen out at PLC

October 4th: Orange Day

September 22nd: Apple Orchard trip for Helen, Sandee, and Linda

September 26th @ 10:00: PAT group connection

September 28th: Apple Orchard trip for Shannon, Kara, and Merrie

September 30th: PD Day

September 30th - PD Day

I'm working on our agenda for September 30th. I wanted to let you know that Ginny will be here in the afternoon for PLC. We will be working on simplifying the language of our vision, and possibly talking about collective commitments.

ECSE teachers and Stephanie - Karrie has said that it is ok for you to stay with us, due to PLC being such an important part of what we are doing! The secret word is awesome. :)

If you haven't heard, daycare will no longer be open on PD days. This decision was made in regards to the new requirements placed on daycare staff due to accreditation. Daycare staff will be working on CDA's and other accreditation requirements throughout this PD day.

In case you missed it, below is the link for Friday's letter home to parents! Let me know if you'd like to read next week!!

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