Ku Klux Klan

By Anchal Dhawan

Who were these terrorists?

The KKK was a group of people who performed violent acts against blacks and sometimes other religions like Jews or Romans. The KKK was a very large terrorist group, at one point they had 4 million people(1920). They were made up of former Confederate soldiers, former slave owners, etc. The KKK was created by 6 ex-soldiers and Nathan Bedford Forrest in Pulaski, Tennessee. This group was formed to reestablish white supremacy and reverse the Reconstruction Era.

What did they do?

When the KKK was created they were less violent, they just played pranks and yelled racist things, but as they gained power they became more violent. They mobbed, hung, shot, had riots, and robbed blacks. They would sneak out at night in long white robes and masks and attack people. They would kidnap them and secretly hang them. Although they mostly attacked blacks, they hurt white Republicans or whoever helped these freed slaves. During their more stronger times they bombed black schools and churches. Some police officers tried to arrest members of the KKK, but no one wanted to testify against them.

Ku Klux Klan In Action

Why were they important?

How did they affect the Civil War Period?

The KKK may not have an affect on the actual war(because it was created after), but there was a huge one in the time period right after it. They created more hatred for Abe Lincoln when he abolished slavery. It also affected the blacks because now that they were free they couldn't do anything or get any jobs without being threatened by the KKK. They also created many other political, social, and economic struggles for blacks. They terrorized and killed practically the whole black community.

How did they affect history and why are they important today?

It affected history throughout the years in many ways. For example, the KKK still exists today, but they would be severely punished if they performed the same type of actions. The KKK also influenced other racist groups to form and set an example of violence for them.
The Ku Klux Klan