World History: 1550 to 1650

Alex Corey, Chris Mullin, Julian Sudofsky, Tayvon DeBrito

Introductry Paragraph: 1550 to 1665 World History

There were many different things going on in this time period. Such as wars, arts, American history, and general world history.

War at this time: J. Sudofsky

During the time of the late 1500's war was a large role in countries and there cultures. Many different wars were occurring in this era. These Wars were caused because of many various reasons. Weather it was religion or expansion of a country. All of there arts in the late 1500s and early 1600s were influenced by the wars. You could see that play and writings were mainly based on war and made references to war. (Rigby Hale, 1) Poverty it was very prevalent during this time because of the mass distraction. In the late 1500s and early 1600s North and south America were covered. All of the great powers in Europe spent a lot of money and manpower to take over the New World. The Americas could be compared to a source of all power in the 1500s. Whom ever that would take over the new world would also gain a great deal of power.

Arts: Tayvon

In the Elizabethen Era a lot of things were happening in the world related to crime, religion, war, and art. I decided to talk about art and a famous artist in this era named Philip Sydney. Philip Sydney was born November 30th, 1554 to an aristocratic family, which is a family that is noble(Alexander Para 2). Philip Sydney was gifted in the art and he was also talented solider. He started his studies at Christ church in Oxford university in February 1568 where he remained for three years but never got a degree(Alexander Para 3). Shdney heard about queen Elizabeth's marriage to a catholic and he told a French duke and he protested which didn't matter because they did not get married(Alexander Para 5). Sydney died at age 31 from a gun shot wound.

General World history- Chris

From 1550-1650 many historical events took place within the time period. The variety of events ranged from the execution of Charles I, to the first English settlement in Jamestown Virginia. During Elizabeth's reign the world changed dramatically. The history and well known authors such as William Shakespeare and other well known writers. Within this time there were Chinese dynasty's such as the Ming and Qing dynasty. Just before the time period studied the Ottoman Empire of Saudi Arabia was made and was a threat to most of Europe. In Asia the country India had a powerful empire called the Mughal empire. They were a threat because the had lots of goods and the were in the middle of Asia where traders coming and going to China and Europe over land and sea could stop and trade they were also rich in money. The history of this time period changed the world in every place possible.

American history- Alex

It started back when Sir Walter Raleigh sent 100 men to settle the island of Roanoke. In 1607 when the Jamestown was established in 1607. After Jamestown was up and running there were about 16,000 colonist who came over to the Americas. This happened during the 1630's -1640's. One of these 16,000 people was Anne Hutchinson and was kicked out of Massachusetts becuase of her religious views. And also Robert Child protested about the tolerance of the Massachusetts puritans towards other religions. Some of the people were not having good relations with the native Americans which led to the Pequot War. The Pequot War was between the New Englanders and Narragansetts tribe verse the Pequot tribe.(Breif timeline, 1) These are some of the events that have shaped America to what it is today. Some of the reasons are that they had to fight for what they wanted like land, food, and water.