Week of January 30- February 3

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~ Thank you to everyone who has already told me they are making cards for Mr. Newcom. I'm still waiting to hear back from him to schedule a visit, but we are most likely going to have the Elk Junior Council officers lead him around and have lunch with him when he's here.

~ Shout out to Angie and Ashley who are working to create a new room for our literacy library. They are making it more user friendly, accessible and a usable space that will allow teachers to check out student as well as professional books for use. Once it's ready to go, we will have a short "orientation" in the room and go over all the nuts and bolts of how it will work!

~ Make sure to nominate someone you feel is deserving of the teacher of the year award! I have only received a few forms back and we have SO MANY who are deserving. Please take a few minutes and turn those in by this Wednesday!

~Make sure to turn in your long sleeve shirt order by tomorrow (Tuesday). I'm wanting to get that order turned in by Wednesday.

~ Thanks to everyone for being flexible this week, as we have our first round of benchmarks. As you all know, it takes everyone to make sure our students get all that they need, so we appreciate everyone working with us to change schedules, cancel some specialist classes and take time to administer small group assessments. Shout out to Bobby for getting everything organized, so it goes off smoothly and effectively!

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Campus News

~This Friday is PRIDE Posse. Make sure your students are aware of where they will go on Friday. It will take place during specials. Students who won't be attending will go to the computer lab. Also please make sure the parents of your students who are participating know they will be on bounce houses. If there is anyone who does not want their child to participate, we can find another activity for he/she to do.

~ Invitations for our Dads with Donuts event should be in your boxes today. I have also shared the information on Facebook as well. We will send an RSVP form home next week, so we can get an approximate number of attendees.

~The head basketball coach from Boswell contacted me about having a spirit rally next Friday (Feb. 10th) on the day of their last home basketball game. Since we have V Day parties that afternoon, if we had the rally, we would have it in the morning. I will let you know as soon as I hear back from him. I think the kids would enjoy it, and it will help to promote cross district school spirit.

~ Please turn in Elk of the Month names by Tuesday. Please get Lilly the completed forms by the end of the week, so she can hang up the new award winners!

~ We will be having a movie night on February 24th. This will be sponsored by our Elk Junior Council. We will be showing the movie, the Wizard of Oz! More details to follow!

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Be Vocabulous!

Continue to discuss the vocabulary with your students! It's making a big difference!

Here is the copy of the s'more newsletter about the vocabulary program. It has all the words listed for the year, so you can plan ahead! It has each word listed and the grade level responsible. The kids really enjoyed this last year, and I think this was something I had more comments from parents about than anything! They would comment about their students knowing the meanings of words that they didn't even know. The vocabulary parade was a big hit too. Even the older kids got into it and had fun being creative and participating.


Please turn in the "Word Up" Levels sheets when you have students who display the appropriate use of the words. Obviously, the younger they are, the more "adaptation" needs to occur in order to receive the levels, but the students who received the tags last year, LOVED it!! I will put the "Word Up Level" sheet on canvas!

As a reminder, the way the "Word Up Levels" work, goes like this...

All students will start as rookies and all students will have a chance to move up as many levels as they would like. Spirit Tags (that PTA is selling) will be used for levels 2 thru 5 and when a student reaches level 2 thru 5 they will receive a spirit tag for that level from the principal.

Teachers will nominate students to move up through the levels.

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Monday, January 30th:

Misty Germaine here for math walks- 12:45-2:40

Tuesday, January 31st:

CARE Team Meeting- KG 12:30

5th Grade Benchmark (Math)

Wednesday, February 1st;

5th Grade Benchmark (Reading)

Thursday, February 2nd:

4th Grade Benchmark (Writing)

Monday, February 6th:

World's Finest Chocolate Assembly (8:00 am)

Grades Due

Turn in Teacher of Year nominations to Kori by today

Tuesday, February 7th:

2nd Grade Teachers out at LIINK training (all day)

LiiNK training (K/1/2)- 3:30-4:30

Thursday, February 9th:

ICLE Walks- 4th Grade 8:40

ICLE Walks- 5th Grade 10:20

Friday, February 10th:

Possible spirit rally at 8:00 (TBD)

Kori off campus in AM- Principal's meeting

Valentine's Day Parties @ 1:50

Monday, February 13th:

CARE team- 1st Grade

Thursday, February 16th:

Kori off campus in AM at LEAD meeting

Friday, February 17th:

Donuts with Dads @ 7:10 am

Clubs today!

Tuesday, February 21st:

Kori out all day- Continuous Improvement Training

Nicole and Shannon out PM- Continuous Improvement Training

Wednesday, February 23rd:

Macie Kirbs here for writing coaching

Friday, February 24th:

Early Dismissal

Movie Night- Wizard of Oz (sponsored by Elk Junior Council) 6:00 pm

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