Charter Weekend

Presented by The B.B.C. of the W.F.O.T.

Enjoy yourself, it's a celebration!!!!!

Come and join the Boulé Chapter of the World Wide Fraternity of Turtles celebrate its Charter Day! Come enjoy your fellow turtles in a great weekend of socializing and being in the presence of truly amazing people!!

Hot Dogs





Hunger Game Challenge between lines

DJ'ed Music


Cookout - Hunger Games Begin

Friday, June 28th, 4pm

Barber Park, Dans Road, Greensboro, NC

Shelter 4

New Turtle Line

Saturday, June 29th, 9pm

805 Homeland Avenue Apt. A, Greensboro, NC

Hunger Games Ending Kickback

Sunday, June 30th, 10pm

1408 East Washington Street Apt. 2F Greensboro, NC

Disclaimer (Important)

Rules of the park:

No open containers

No glass bottles or cups

Respect the property

Sound should be maintained to a respectable level