By Alex Gebhard


My family places a high value on education. Both of my parents went to college and have made sure that we have always chosen activities to expand our experiencies. My mom is a teacher at a school downtown. She ensures that we get good grades.

My parents are also big on family. We do many things together as a family. We go to museums, theaters, and play games together. We also enjoy outdoor activities such as golf, bike riding, and swimming


Religion plays a part in our everyday life. We pray together as a family before meals. We also attend church toghther weekly. My borther and sister and I go to religion classes weekly. We also volenteer at mass.

Each year right before Easter, on Holy Saturday, we have our Easter basket blessed. This is an Eastern European tradition that my famlily has done for generations. Each food item put into the basket has special significance.

We also always had an Easter egg hunt on Holy Saturday. Now that we are older we help out at church organizing the Easter egg hunt instead of participaing it it.


I really don't know if art/music/literature play an important part in my family. My mom likes to read, and encourages us to read often. She has more than one scrapbook made for each of us. My mom and grandma also love quilting. They have taught my sister to sew as well.


Our family tries to maintain a healthy lifestyle. My parents workout daily and each of us children are involved in some activity throughout the year. As a family we play golf, go on bike rides, and swim together to keep active. Other activities that we do that are less active are watch movies, play board games, and go visit parks.

Every year our family takes a vacation to somewhere different. Some times it is an educational vacation like when we went to Washington D.C. to see the monuments. Other times it is a relaxing and fun vacation like when we go to Florida and go to SeaWorld and Disney World. Our family really enjoys spending time in Florida. We have been there seven times.


One tradition our family has is that every Christmas Eve we go to my Grandma's house. There we exchange presents and talk with other family members.

Another tradition we have is that every year we get a new ornament to hang on the tree. It is usually something that we liked or enjoyed throughout the year. When we moved into our new house we got an ornament of a house for our Christmas tree that year. Last year my sister got a volleyball player as her ornament, because she really enjoys playing volleyball.