South Carolina

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General statistics

Founded: May 23rd, 1788

Capital: Columbia

Population: 4,832,482 million - 24th most populous

Area: 32,020 sq. mi. - 40th biggest state

Largest cities: Columbia & Charleston

Main religions: Christian 85%, Baptist 41%, Methodist 15%

State tree: Cabbage Palmetto

State bird: Carolina Wren

State flower: Yellow Jessamine


South Carolina has a humid subtropical climate. The temperatures during the day usually range from 86-93 degrees Fahrenheit, and are hot and humid. South Carolina only gets an average of 2.5 cm of snow each year. However, in one year they can get 10-15 earthquakes. South Carolina has had many hurricanes. The two worst that hit were Hurricane Hazel, and Hurricane Hugo.


South Carolina is divided into 3 sections: The Grand Strand, The Santee River Delta, and The Sea Islands. Currently the largest lake is Lake Marion. It is 110,000 acres wide. South Carolina also has some mountains and the largest are Blue Ridge and Appalachian mountains.


The major agriculture outputs include: tobacco, poultry, cattle, dairy, soybeans, hay, rice, and swine. Some of the industrial outputs include: textile goods, paper products, machinery, automobiles, chemical products, and tourism. There are 1,852,700 non-farm jobs in South Carolina.


South Carolina is one of three states that doesn't have or use competitive language arts standards or math competitions.

Some of the colleges include: University of South Carolina, Clemson University, and Furman University. There are 1,144 elementary schools and 85 school districts.


Around 15,000 years ago 30 Native American tribes settled in what is now South Carolina. The first person to set foot there was Francisco Gordillo in 1591. English aristocrats worked, settled there, and set up sugar plantations. Many people who settled there worked on trade and selling the land. Not too many people lived in Carolina when it was first found. Carolina didn't develop and work together very well, so it split into North Carolina and South Carolina in 1729.

The Arts

In South Carolina there are many historic museums and sites to visit. Performing arts theaters and festivals are some of the interesting things that you may find. As of 2009, a poll was taken and 67% of the people who live in South Carolina have went to the large amount of arts festivals and celebrations that have happened.
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Famous people

There have been many famous people that were born in South Carolina such as:

"Shoeless" Joe Jackson

Alex Barron (Dallas Cowboys)

Candace Glover (won American Idol)

Anthoan Maybank (Olyimpic gold medalist for the 4x400)

And many more...

Fun Facts

  • King Charles I of England owned/watched over the land on which South Carolina is located
  • South Carolina was the first state to go away from the Union
  • There are more than 300 public and private golf courses in South Carolina
  • Myrtle Beach is in the center of the Grand Strand and it has a 60 mile crescent beach
  • South Carolina grows more peaches than any other state except California
  • The only commercial tea plantation in America is in South Carolina
  • The Upper Whitewater Falls is the highest cascade in east America, it drops for nearly 411 feet