WJHC Tripwrecked


about people

The main charters in the book are Janey , Roland, Sandy, skates, Tara, Ciel, Mrs. willow, Mrs.bort. Sandy, Roland, Janey, Tara, Cile are students are all in high school. Skate is the school DJ and Mrs. willow, Mrs. Bort.

The setting in the book is the high school and lizards peak. The high school is in Jackson hill. The schools grade are 9th 10th 11th 12th . the camp cite is on the top of the mountain.

about story

The plot in the book is the students taking a trip to lizards peak. Before they left on trip they could not find skate. Miss willow said we are on a schedule so they had to leave without him. On their way to lizards peak they saw skate on the side of the bus so then everyone screamed stop the bus!!!. Then on there was to the camp it stared to rain really hard and they did not see sign so they took the wrong turn and got lost and the bus went missing so the sandy walked to the camp cite and told the were the bus was sandy was on the lost bus.