H20 Just Add Water!

All about H20

Season 1

Three girls Emma,Rikki and Cleo discover a unknown island called Maco Island.All three are in for a major twist, are they ready for this twist?Cleo,Rikki and Emma walk into Maco Island as nervous as they've ever been.Seeing as there are so many deadly insects around themselves,they are desperate to get off the Island and where they belong.Cleo ends up falling into a deep,dark and mysterious hole.Emma is worried about what would happen next to Cleo.Emma jumps in to help and ends up getting stuck too and to make things even worse Rikki jumps in too.They tried to look for a place to escape from.The girls end up finding a rock staircase.Then they discover a moon pool.The thing is if by chance you go into the moon pool on a full moon night they will turn in to mermaids in water and each get a magic power that will change the lives of the three forever.The girls end up swimming through the underwater tunnel.The next day Cleo was in for a big surprise.When she had a bath she turned into a mermaid,she noticed that when Cleo