Gen. Joe Dunford

A Great Leader From The U.S. Air Forces

Early Life and Leadership Skills

Dunford was born in Boston in 1955, and raised in Quincy, Massachusetts . He graduated from Boston College in 1973 and from Saint Micheal's College in June 1977. He earned his Commission the month of his college graduation. He is a graduate of theUnited States Army war college, Ranger Schooland the Amphibious Warfare School He holds a Master of Arts degree in Government from Georgetown University and a second Master of Arts in International Relations from The Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy at Tufts University.

Some of his leadership skills are: Trustworthy, Honesty, and courage for, him leading the troops into war. He went into battle wice leading completely different troops in two different countries. And still came out of it with 19 badges. Leadership skills he had to learn through these two fights were being trustworthy and courage. Also, he learned how to commiting to finish a job once it was started. The best leadership skill he has is having courage to take to the soldiers out to battle twice. In two different places.

Gen. Joe Dunford doesn't need to show all of his leadership skills. But, Leaders always have at least one skill that they need to possess. In order to be a good leader you have to have these certain qualities to be a leader: Trustworthy, Perseverence, and Respect.