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3rd Edition, April 2015


In the month of April, we did a lot of things in reading. We finished our read aloud book. In Journey’s, we finished our Revolutionary War unit and also read short books about the Revolutionary War.

In read aloud, we finished our book The Wednesday Wars. Now, we’re going to start reading a different book called Soup. Soup is a memoir and we will soon be learning all about memoirs.

In Journeys this month, all our stories have been based on the Revolutionary War. They have been about different years and places during the Revolutionary War. For example, one story was about Molly Pitcher fighting in the battle of Monmouth. In addition to Molly Pitcher, there was also a story about King George III during the Revolutionary War. Finally, we read a story about James Forten, an African American boy fighting in the war.

In April, we also were read four shorts books followed with critical thinking questions. The four short books were called Ben Franklin goes to Paris; you probably know what that is about. We also read another book was called A Night to Remember. In addition to these books we also read Fife and the Drum Boys and An Artist for the Revolution.

April was an interesting month. We learned a lot about the Revolutionary War and read lots of books to go along with it. We can’t wait to see what we will do in May.

By: Kooky Llamas


In April we had a very fun time in writing! Read on to find out about our artists and the District Writing Sample! Hope you enjoy!

Artists! We wrote about artists in writing. Most people really enjoyed this unit. Dante’s artist is Grant Wood. Alexis’ artist is Frida Kahlo. Maggie’s artist is Chuck Close. Jack Duffy’s artist was Edward Hopper. It was interesting to find out about artists we never heard of before. In the last week of April, we were mainly typing and revising our reports. We also could add graphic features such as a timeline, index, glossary, and of course, their paintings. We were very interested in our artists. We can’t wait to hear about everyone’s artist during the writing celebration! Artists can be very interesting to learn about!

We also had the District Writing Sample. We had to write a personal narrative. We did this so Mrs. Gale and the school district could compare our writing sample to the writing sample we did in September, to see how much we improved. We had forty-five minutes to write our hearts out. We could have written about anything but it had to be mostly true. We thought the writing sample would be very tedious, but it was not boring writing about a topic that people were interested in. We enjoyed the District Writing Sample but, are happy it is over with!

Writing in April was very interesting. We really enjoyed writing about our artists. We can’t wait for what we will do for the rest of the year in writing! Thanks for reading!

Written by Alien Bacon

Social Studies and Science

Social Studies

Social Studies. I bet a lot of things come to your mind when you think of that. These past few weeks we have been learning about North American Settlements. It has been a lot of fun.

Some of our vocabulary words we learned are:

Viceroy- the top official

Missions- a church settlement

Charter- an official document that gave the right to settle down.

Invest- gave money to

Lesson 1

In Lesson 1, we learned about haciendas. Haciendas are big land areas in New Spain owned by rich, Spanish men. A few other things that the Spanish had in their colonies were missions, and presidios. Pope (po-pay) was a Native American who was against the Spanish. The Spanish were making the Native Americans speak Spanish and practice the Spanish religion. When the Spanish fled, Pope wanted all of the Spanish people dead.

Lesson 2

In 1585, the Roanoke Island, which is now off the coast of North Carolina, was the first English settlement. John White was the leader and establisher of the Roanoke colony. White drew pictures of Roanoke. He was actually there and those pictures are in textbooks today.

Those pictures are called primary sources. A primary source is a source from someone who was there. Then in 1587, he started the colony. In 1588, John White went back to England for supplies which they really needed. He wanted to get back within a year, but ships were being used for the war against Spain. So after 3 years, he returned. But the colony was deserted. All the buildings were still there but there is a mystery as to where the people went. The only signs were a post with the word Croatoan on it and a tree with “CRO” on it. No one knows for sure what happened to the people of Roanoke.


Jamestown was the first successful American colony. Jamestown is located in Virginia. King James I of England granted the Americans the right to settle in North America.

We learned a lot in social studies in this unit and we had our social studies test on May 1st. We learned a lot in April and we hope you learned something new after reading this part of the 5G newsletter.

Written By: Neon Monkeys


This month in math, 5-G has been working on area, dividing fractions, and plotting coordinates. All of these skills appeared on our math test, which was on April 30th. While we were learning about coordinates, we had a very fun homework assignment. For this assignment, we used coordinates to make some kind of design. Then on another piece of paper we wrote the coordinates to our design but didn’t include the picture. Our papers where given out to a partner and they had to follow the coordinates written on the paper. Everyone had so much fun!

Another project that we did was on take your child to work day. Only 7 kids were in our class, so only a few students worked on this project. The project was to make a dream house on graph paper. We had to draw our dream house and then find out what the area of each room was. Each square was worth 5 feet and the total area of our house could be up to 34,440 square feet. We were required to have a bedroom, bathroom, and a kitchen. After you were done, you had to add up the area of each room to get your total.

One last thing to add is that we are getting ready for PARCC. Some things that we are doing are dividing fractions, finding the area of a triangle, and PARCC practice pages.

We had a really fun April! With all of our fun homework assignments, projects done in class, and preparing for PARCC. This April was a blast!


In April, we did a lot of fun things. We met with our 1st grade Buddies, conducted boat races, and had assemblies.

With our Buddies, we made chicks using feathers and different colored paper plates for Easter. We also listened to their critic stories about movies they had seen.

In the boat race, we each had a partner. Then we used household items and Styrofoam to build our race boats. Jack Domination came in 1st place after we had heats and brackets. We blew on the sail with a straw to make it go to the opposite end of the little “Ocean”.

We had 2 assemblies, one being Feel The Power. A man named John Pintion came in and broke lots of things in half like a phonebook and a baseball bat. He told us a true, sad story about how he was bullied and no one stood up for him. His message was “Be someone’s hero.”

On April 1, we had Foolish McHat Day. On this day, we wore a silly hat to school and donated $1 to the Ronald McDonald House. This year, some people wore hats like tiaras and bandanas. The school donated around $320!

This month, we also had our annual Take Your Child To Work Day. Some went to help little kids play soccer (like Benito), and some went to a doctor’s office (like Jake). Take your child to work day is a good way to enrich children’s minds. This day is supposed to give kids an idea about what they want to do when they are older.

This month has been fun, but we can’t wait to see what is in store for us next month!!

Written By: Cat Dudes

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2015 Boat Race Champions-Team Jack Domination

Edited by Mr. Duckworth