Budweiser Super Bowl

By: Austin Wojick

Budweiser in their 2014 Super Bowl commercial “Puppy Love” aims to bring attention to their product by depicting a bond that the Clydesdales in the commercial had with the golden retriever that was about to be adopted. The two animals meet during the commercial and form a bond that two best friends would have, they become closer with each other (the puppy leaves his fenced area to be with the Clydesdales, the horse jumps over the fence to chase the puppy, even in the rain the puppy leaves to be with the horses). Budweiser uses emotional appeal to emulate the love and attachment to the product in order to increase the customer market to buy Budweiser’s products. By using a heart touching tone, Budweiser not only touches their original drinking customer base but also touch the hearts on the puppy lovers to increase awareness of their brand and sell more product.