The Disney Effect

created by Aaron Douglas

Disney World

Orlando Florida

Disneys Theme Parks

They're four theme parks Epcot, Magic Kingdom, Hollywood studios, Animal kingdom. A park can be as big as it gets on how popular and money the owners have to require. The park isn't just a place its a state of mind and imagination you know from the movies and songs and funny jokes. But only being involved by watching Disney moves like characters and looking for the the animation or realistic places. Every thing there is a memory from kids especially adults ,a friendly,beautiful, loving memory no one forget's. That what significance going to stay their is Dream that only lasts for a moment.That's why everything must be perfect what can go past reality? Disney World a stress free moment to visit parks more than week's days spent there. There is so much to see because there is many films in the days past and future a movie can only be as good is who stared it, Walt Disney.
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It's texture and creative thinking because every Disney film or TV show fits in one of the four theme parks because every Disney park is not typically in common. They're many things and activities to see and every detail is from a Disney film. Walt Disney wasn't alive for the completion of Disney word but before he died of sickness in December, 15th, 1966 Burbank, CA. He passed it on to his brother to finish his creation. But gave him advice to put a life like detail in the future movies such as Toy Story,Mulan ,and many more films after 1966. In the parks the guests will see objects buildings and the abstract of detail there is to be presented.


Disney uses characters by giving life to the characters than just pictures on a screen. The whole idea is to make the guest fell like there at a movie or in vision a life like dream. A imagination that excite the younger ones with hopes and dreams that will remember something amazing. Not just some regular park, Disney World and which is why The characters con not be good or great, it must be perfect. The characters job is to be in character the whole time within the audience, if the character is Merida from brave than the role model must be the personality it was given in the movie only for people characters, what I mean is not all characters are people are dressed up in clothes and make up most are in costumes like mickey mouse, Winnie The Poo. They use hand gestures and funny body move with still the magic inside. The people you see on screen a clear glass on the TV can pop out into Disney World.

My Disney Experience

I had a amazing time in 2015 in July my experience was amazing I didn't need to use my resources. Because I already know so much about the parks and the requirement and the history background. I remember 89% of my trip a place I wanted to go scene I was a little boy seeing the Disney commercial making me want to go even more. I never thought as a teenager it wouldn't be fun but it became a memory I will never forget in my life. I r ember all the little things in that trip without a doubt there is nothing more fun than Disney world life.