Luna the Whale

By Jada Riegel and Jake Hillermann

How they could have prevented Luna's death.

We believe that Luna's death could have been prevented if they had an all boat pod surround him at all times. We also think that if the laws were loosened a little bit it would have helped Luna. This plan would have been put to action if the Fisheries and Oceans Canada approved the law ("The Whale.". 24 Mar. 2015.)

Instructions for the plan

If they had formed a pod Luna would be to occupied to go annoy anyone and put himself in danger. They would rotate shifts around Luna and play with him whenever he got bored. They would also be able to watch over him all the time so he wouldn't be able to harm anyone or get harmed. They would get the money from taxes and from the residents around Nootka Sound and donations.

The Steps

1. Make a plan.
2. Get it approved by the law.
3. Gather volunteers with there own boats.
4. Collect money to pay for the boats gas and other necessities.
5. Make schedules and shift times for the volunteers.
6. Entertain Luna.

What Others Might Think

Even though some people think that relocating Luna would be the best option but Orca's travel in pods and if his pod didn't accept him he would be on his own in the ocean ("The Whale." 24. March. 2015.). Luna could also be traumatized from the trip since he is used to swimming not traveling in a truck. Luna would have also been moved to captivity if his pod didn't accept him and he wouldn't be free.


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