The American System

Taylor Silman


The purpose of the American System is to strengthen and unify the nation. It is ensured that America would be economically self-sufficient.


Nationalism is the love for ones country; the devotion, loyalty, and pride for ones country.


Sectionalism is putting a certain section of the country above your nation; loyalty to interests or sections of your own region of your country. Southerns did this with the tariff issue in 1828.

Key Components:

  • Support for a high tariff to protect American Industries and generate revenue for the federal government
  • Maintenance of high public land prices to generate revenue
  • Preservation of the Bank of the United States to stabilize the currency
  • Development of internal improvements such as roads and canals

Henry Clay

  • Leader of the Whig Party
  • Was secretary of State under John Quincy Adams
  • Was a speaker of the House of Representatives
  • Senator of Kentucky
  • War hawk
  • Henry Clay was called "the Great Compromiser" because he played a big role in formulating the 3 landmark sectional compromises of his day.
  • He was a nationalist
  • Negotiator at the Ghent peace conference