School and Classroom Culture

Virtual Flash Mob: February 2016

Four Things!!

  • Wanted-Proposals for the Effective Practices Conference: The link below will take you to the proposal form for the Effective Practices Conference (June 21 and 22, 2016 @ Clarkston High School). The link below will take you to the proposal form. This conference is primarily teacher to teacher (staff to staff) and organizers are looking for proposals for either traditional breakout sessions or for the facilitation of an “unconference” session. The focus of the conference is around the LAC-O goals of mathematics, literacy, and student engagement. Organizers are also encouraging some sessions this year that include students in order to promote “student voice” as a component of the conference. Please encourage the many exceptional teachers you have in your district to submit a proposal. The deadline for submitting proposals is: February 1, 2016.

  • Looking for schools implementing PBIS with core social-emotional frameworks (character education, restorative practices, Leader In Me, RULER, Bully-Free Schools, etc) that are willing to host walk-throughs. Send us an email

  • Oakland Schools is seeking individuals and small groups to become part of our School Culture and Classroom Culture Referent Groups. If you are feeling mighty proud of the work you have done around school or classroom culture, send me an email! We will be searching high and wide to find you! Professional learning for cultural transformation:
  • Great article around student voice and transformation in schools. It seems if we want change, we need to let the kids lead!

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Professional Learning

Bully Free Schools February 10-11, 2016

Bull Free Schools, The Next Step February 12th, 2016

Classroom Culture: Responding to Disruptions February 6th or April 16th

Classroom Culture: Foundations March 9 AND March 28th, 2016

Effective Practices Conference June 21-22, 2016

Empowering Different Learners March 22, 2016

Michigan SOGI Education Conference January 29, 2016

Restorative Practices February 24, 2016

Student Leadership Conference, Oakland County May3, 2016

Oakland Schools

Department of School Quality

Student Engagement Team

Stephanie Barlow, Project Assistant

Karen Gomez, Mental Health and Project Aware

Dr. Jay B. Marks, Social Justice and Cultural Competence

Dr. Julie McDaniel, Social Emotional Learning

Mary Perfitt-Nelson, School and Classroom Culture