Welcome to Week 3

Magical Realism, Minimalism, and Post Modernism

What Will We Be Covering?

This week we're covering a lot of material. We will be focusing on the following topics:
  • Magical Realism
  • Minimalism
  • Postmodernism

These are three literary movements that all have very different characteristics and very different styles of writing. I think you'll enjoy all three.

This Week's Work:

This week you'll be asked to complete the following:
  • Read the weekly lecture
  • Post in discussion and dialog with your classmates
  • Critical Thinking Questions
  • Check-in Reflection

You should also be working on your midterm exam. It's a tough question you have to answer, so please make sure you're devoting enough time to the process. Take advantage of the special discussion board that's available to you as well. Use your classmates as a tool...that's what they are there for and that's part of what makes online learning special.

Please note: You only need to answer ONE of the critical thinking questions. Please do not answer all three. Spend your time developing thorough and thoughtful responses to an individual question.

Weekly Discussion

Don't forget the importance of posting early in discussion. You need to participate each week and by posting early you are giving yourself ample time to engage with your classmates who may post responses to your discussion.

Remember, you need to dialog over at least 3 different days with at least 5 of your classmates. You may not achieve those goals if you wait until Saturday to post.