terrorist attacks


many people died ,kids , adult , elder people, there was no exeption in age, and the only thing they could do was to hope for a miracle and pray for this disaster to finaly come to an end.

Terrifing times

much like in texas new york had very terrifing times when one of the most protected buildings was distroyed with one of their own airplains

(the Pentagon after the plain crashed)

five facts about the 9/11

1.) the attackers were islamic terrorist from Saudi Arabia

2.) some of the terrorists had been in the U.S for more than a year and had taken flying lessons ,others had slipped in months before the attack

3.) the terrorists chose those four plains because they were loaded with fuel

4.) close to 3,000 people died

5.) just like in texas the age did not matter , there was very few survivors , every body running away from danger

the tallest buillding is about to collapse killing 100ths of more people than it already has
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News all around

every body in the u.s and even outside the u.s heard of these news . people who had family there were davestaded .
this all happened on september 11 , 2001