Primary and Secondary Sources

By: Jacob Faucett and Ethan Sullivan

Primary Source

Explanation- Evidence of a topic that was made at the same time period of the event.

Secondary Source

Explanation- Reinterpretations of original documents, these can include pictures ,quotes , and graphs.

Summary Of The Key Difference Between A Primary And Secondary Source

The main difference between primary and secondary sources is the time period or when the evidence was collected.

Example of Imperialism in Africa [primary source]

The four states of Egypt, Libya, Tunisia, and Algeria were provinces of the Ottoman Empire.

Example of Imperialism in Africa [secondary source]

Scramble for Africa and how the 1885 Berlin Conference changed European colonialism on the continent.

Non-Example of Deforestation on Africa [primary source]

Deforestation in Africa causes the Sahara Desert to expand into the Sahel.

Non-Example of Deforestation in Africa [secondary source]

Conservation groups in Africa regrowing the rain forest and the grasslands to there original form.