Freedom Park Faculty and Staff Newsletter - December 4th

Essay Scoring Due December 1st - ELA Teachers

Performance Matters is a requirement for pre and post testing. ELA teachers your DOK4 essay scoring was due Friday, December 1st. Please make sure this is complete. There were several training sessions for this. Just Incase you missed it the following is a video to show you how to do it:

PreK Budget and WSO

PreK teachers please be reminded that half of your budget should have been spent by November 17th. You received an email if you are in violation. In addition, student work samples should be uploaded to the WSO portal weekly.

Mid Year Conference

Pleased stay tuned for your mid year conference date. You will receive an email from an administrator indicating the date/time and information you will need to bring. You will need to bring evidence to show where you are with your SMART goal(s). We will also discuss steps for continued development.

Take Charge of Your Professional Development - Upcoming Courses

Please sign up on Business Plus. Pick a course any course. Email Dr. Singh and let her know you plan to attend so that you can receive TKES credit. Remember we all need professional learning hours for TKES/LKES this year.

Utilizing Technology to Enhance Student Achievement 12/14

Teaching is a Team Sport Getting the Most Out of PLC 12/7 and 12/14

Rigorous Teaching and Learning 12/18

Best Practices in Writing Instruction 12/07

Effective Instructional Strategies to Enhance Student Achievement 12/05 and 12/11

Techsetter News

At FPS we know that assessments drive our instruction. Are you looking for new and engaging ways to provide students with engaging assessments? Are you looking for a quick way to monitor the progress of the entire class to help guide small group instruction planning? Try Pear Deck. It can turn your simple PowerPoint slides into engaging assessments. Click the video in the middle of the page to find out how it works. -

Think TKES - Standard 3 Instructional Strategies

As we think about student learning, we know it is important to use researched based instructional strategies that are relevant to the content. Think TKES - Just like everything else, questions must be planned. Think about what you are asking and why. What information are you gaining? How does this help to assess students and drive instructional practice?


Evidence of effective use of strategy:

  • Teacher asks probing questions (to both volunteers and non-volunteers) to develop deeper understanding of content.
  • Teacher’s cues/prompts and questions require students to restructure information or apply knowledge. Teacher gives appropriate wait-time after asking questions.
  • Teacher models and teaches identifying cues/prompts for understanding content, i.e., key words, organizational structure.
  • Teacher and students use questions and cues/prompts to link to prior and current learning.
  • Students effectively pose their own questions and develop cues/prompts to support their learning.

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