Ph Scavenger Hunt

By: Cassidy Rupley, Natalie Arwine, and Redding Johnson


Acidic - yeliding an acid in a aqueous solution
Basic - aqueous substance that can accept hydronium ions
Neutral - a solution which is neither acidic nor basic

This is what a pH scale indicator looks like



1. Label 12 clear cups with sharpie according to what the name of the substance put in will be
2. Pour 1/3 cup of substance in correctly labeled cup. Wash measuring cup out after filling every cup
3. Cup 12 sheets of pH paper in half
4. Dip each 1/2 sheet of pH paper in the 12 substances
5. Record data on seperate sheet of paper
6. Take pictures of what color the pH paper turns with the pH scale
7. Repeate steps 3-6 for better results for each substance

Data Table