Escaping Plantations 101

By David GU

The First Step

Once one loses hope in life, they are not actually living. Revive those hopes by escaping the miserable life that you live in. Have the Exodus from the Black Belt and get away from your master and his henchmen, the overseers, and the floggings that come with them. Join the Underground Railroad, which aims to free slaves from the wrath of the "peculiar institution".

Steps to Freedom

The first step is to escape from your plantation. At night, make an excuse to be outside, such as using the john.

Follow signs of North, where freedom lies by the North Star and the moss.

Make sure to not get caught, and try to lose trackers by following rivers instead of roads.

Persevere always, as you will eventually reach North.

Once there, there will be people to help you from the Underground Railroad, ready to lead you to freedom.

Though now you have help, don't let down your guard as the end is nigh.

The glorious freedom has now come, and the peculiar institution cannot stop that.

What NOT to do:

Denmark Vesey, a free black, plotted against white plantation owners and were found out, getting himself and others executed for their wrongdoings.

Nat Turner brutally murdered ~60 women and children, bringing the wrath down upon themselves and the whole black population as a result.

These 'revolts' led to further hostility and further abuse from the plantation owners, and instead escape is necessary to avoid needless bloodshed.

The Underground Railroad (Full Documentary)