Myers-Briggs Test

By: Katya Heredia

A Little Bit About "The Consul"

  • in HS ESFJs are the cheerleaders and the football players
  • take the spotlight and is a leader
  • social creatures
  • very common personality

Do the Results Match Up?

Yes, I believe my personality and the results from this test match up. I am a really big social creature and am always the leader. I also do feel like sometimes I take up the spotlight.

Do the Results Describe Me Perfectly?

While the results are really close to my personality, I don't think they describe me perfectly. I am not either a cheerleader or football player, nor do I think I have bad judging skills. It might be that I judge too harshly though.


I believe that that the results were extremely close to what my actual personality is. I know from what I've been told that I am a great leader, I'm a social butterfly, and that I should be cheerleader. Therefore I think that the results from this test is pretty close to being accurate.