Conditions of Learning

What teachers have to do to make it stick

Brian Cambourne

  • Taught in New South Wales, Australia
  • One of Australia's most respected authorities in the areas of literacy and learning
  • 1987 - Coping with Chaos - Cambourne first introduces the idea for the need to maximize learning potential in the classroom and includes his eight guidelines for accomplishing such a task
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What is Cambourne's theory?

From his study, Cambourne was able to construct a set of conditions for teachers to follow that would optimize learning for students in the specific area of literacy. Broken down into eight categories, each has its own unique part to contribute towards a student's development as they learn a complex skill.

With these conditions, Cambourne believes that a dynamic experience is built between student and the content. Using the applications, teachers have the opportunity to host a creative learning environment for students where they can move towards problem-solving and develop their knowledge as they also learn to apply in all of their studies,

The 8 Concepts

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What does the Student gain from this?

  • sense of empowerment
  • individualization and independence
  • active participation in the classroom
  • the ability to take risks and apply what they have learned

What does it look like in the classroom?

Talk with your tablemates and come up with possible activities or discussions you can hold in your future classroom that would utilize these 8 steps to promote literary success in learning.