Urbanization in the late 1800s

Ashley Wethington


Lives of Poor and Rich Children

During the late 1800's, there was a big difference in lives of rich and poor children. Most of the rich children didn't work, almost all of the poor children worked without child labor laws. The less fortunate children who could barely afford anything would work in factories, mills, mines, and more not even for themselves. Just about all of the children's earnings would go straight to their family. The factories they would work in were very unsafe. In some instances, the children were barefoot and were not properly clothed to work. On the other hand, the children that were better off did not have these troubles at all hardly. They were well provided for and most did not work.

Leisure Activities of Poor and Rich People

Everybody liked to go out and have fun. People that had money and didn't have to work all the time like the less fortunate, would go out and go to shows, shopping, go golfing, play tennis, and other activities. They didn't have much to worry about considering they were rich, and did not have to work. The poorer people on the other side, did not have much variety on their activities since they could not afford a lot. They would do things like play baseball, go to fairs, and things that wouldn't require much money at all. There were many options for the rich people but not for the poor. Also, during their free time, some people would attend church.

Work Life of Poor and Rich People

The work life of poor were different of rich people. They would work in the mills, miners, factories, seafood workers, newsies, and more. In the late 1800's, the rich people wouldn't work as much and would own factories. They were bankers, railroad tycons, and some didn't work at all. Poor people worked for the rich, they had low paying jobs and worked long hours. Children that were born into rich parents, went to school and did not have to work at all.

Housing of Rich and Poor People

Poor people lived in shacks, little cheap homes, or tiny apartments. The apartments they would live in were called tenements. These tenements would be small, one room apartment rooms that almost 8 people would live in at a time. The rooms very so cramped together they really didn't have room to do anything. Rich people, on the other hand, could live in big, roomy houses with house keepers and other convenient things. Poor people did not get this luxury, unfortunately. They were stuck living in crowded, overpopulated tenements that were not kept up.