No Teacher Left Behind

21st Century Skills Needed

Constant Learning

I have a roommate who is a Strength and Conditioning Coach and he has to attend a set amount of conferences, and I feel as though teachers should be required to do the same.


Do I think all teachers should share the same practices, essentially, no. Honestly, teachers should be just as much individuals as their students are, however, I do believe that all teachers should strive to teach social etiquette, digital literacy, and critical thinking skills.

Consistent Standards

My thinking is thus. If students are required to take these state tests, as I had to take so many times in my life, I believe that teachers should be required to take more advanced versions of these state tests. That way, students are more assured that their teachers are up-to-date so to speak, and students don't feel as though these state tests are a waste of time.

How Prepared Are We

I think teachers are very prepared to follow ITSE standards and can only become more prepared by the generation as technology of the digital age is forcing educators to keep up.