New Teacher Induction Newsletter


Happy Holidays

Congratulations, you have now completed 4 months of school and are on your way to the 100th day. Hopefully the holiday time has rejuvenated your spirits and you are beginning to see changes in your planning, classroom environment and instruction. Best wishes for a wonderful holiday season filled with love, joy and lasting memories. New teachers are a wonderful gift to WCPS. Thanks for all you do!

Observation and Evaluation Information

New teachers (1st year) will have 2 observations in the fall semester and 2 observations in the spring semester. All fall observations should be completed by January 21, 2016. Please look over your observations and work on areas of concern with your mentor and lead teachers.

Mid-year SLO conversations will begin in January and should be completed by the end of February. Be prepared to discuss your progress with your administrator.

New Teacher Induction Meetings

The next component of the Framework that will be studied is Professionalism. The MSDE Course meeting will be on Wednesday, December 9th at the 4 school locations. You can access materials on the NTIP website and work with your mentor/lead teacher for any follow-up questions.

Professional Learning Opportunities

Take advantage of additional PD, Twitter Chats and modules on the Employee Portal under professional development. We update the learning opportunities and Twitter Chats monthly. Currently, we are also inviting teachers (new and experienced) to join a collaborative planning session. Check with your mentor/lead teacher for more information.