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ELC Newsletter March 2021

Read Across America at ELC

March is full of so many exciting happenings at the ELC! We begin our month by recognizing Read Across America. This is a national movement that began in 1998 to get kids excited about reading. We are excited to participate as so many other schools across the country do so. Within the week is the birthday of beloved children's book author, Dr. Seuss. At the ELC, we feature a different Dr. Seuss book each day of the week with all kindergarten classes reading that day's book and celebrating with activities that tie into the book and dressing up with the theme each day. It is a wonderful showcase of some of the Dr. Seuss favorites. Watch closely, that Cat in the Hat pops in for a visit every year to soak up the glory and tribute of the week! This year, with the introduction of monthly elearning days, you will have the opportunity to share in the festivities on Friday, March 5th! This is "Green Eggs and Ham" day and we hope you will enjoy creating and sampling this special menu! Teachers will have other activities to tie in with the book in Canvas for that day as well. We invite you to join in the fun this week as we ramp up the excitement of reading! All students will receive their own copy of "Harold and the Purple Crayon." We love how this book features a character who creates his own adventures and travels by using his imagination and drawing! Our students are wonderful artists and have learned to add details to their art as a way to add to their story. We imagine our students embarking on all sorts of incredible adventures through their artwork as they take their inspiration from this wonderful story. And we love the gentle nod to our own Purple Pride that emanates from Harold's purple crayon!
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Eggciting Days Ahead!

The chicks are coming!!!!! Oh, what a wonderful time at the ELC each year when the eggs arrive! We are looking forward to March 8-19 when the eggs will go through the incubation process and hatch into peeping mounds of baby chicks! Students learn the process of turning the eggs and study the progress and changes each day. They record the process in their chick journals as they follow it daily. As the chicks hatch out, students are able to watch them and learn about the process and the ever important egg tooth! Be sure to ask you child about the daily developments.....their stories will crack you up!
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Outta Sight!

Our kindergarteners have been working so hard all year to become readers and we are so proud of their grit and progress! We are seeing readers everywhere this Spring and excited to reward their hard work! We are releasing our sight word challenge for all kindergarten students to achieve prizes for their hard work! Classroom teachers will be assessing sight word mastery and awarding prizes for each tier accomplished! Be sure and practice those words with your child each day to help them flourish as a reader!!
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"Champ and Major The First Dogs"

ELC Library put the spotlight on the First Dogs, Champ and Major. We read the new book, "Champ and Major The First Dogs" and learned that President Biden and his family have two German Shepard dogs. We also learned that Major is the first dog that belongs to a president and was a rescue. Students learned about rescuing from and animal shelter and got to meet one of the Hobart Police Department's veteran canines, Scout. Scout is also a German Shepard so we got an up close look at the traits of those dogs. Students were delighted with this special visitor!

Storybook Theater Comes Alive

ELC Library strives to provide engaging readalouds that invite all of our student to interact and step inside the story. This month we had many adventures acting out the story with puppets and masks. Set to the backdrop of familiar songs, students are encouraged to act out parts of our story using their own antics to truly enhance their comprehension of the story. We also had several readers take to our stage and offer a readaloud with Mrs. Eberle to their class during library. This is our readers theatre program and we enhance our performance with props that are found within teach book. This is a wonderful way for our emerging readers to practice their fluency and for our audience of students to see by fine example that we are readers!!!

The Family That Plays Together Stays Together!

We were delighted with the participation in our annual Family Game Night! It was wonderful to see so many of our families pulling out those tabletop games and making together time with each other through tabletop games! There are countless benefits to playing tabletop games with your children ranging from their social skills to academic development. Many games are specific to logic and other critical thinking skills that enhance your child's ability to grasp abstract concepts in the classroom. All participants won a prize and our big winner of the game bundle was Tenley from Ms. Aurand's class!
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COVID-19 Information-Symptoms/Sick and Return to School Policy

Notify your school immediately of COVID-19 symptoms or any exposure to a

COVID-19 positive test:

COVID-19: When a student, faculty, or staff member can return to school (Indiana

Department of Health) Updated 8.25.20

Indiana COVID-19 Testing Sites - Added July 18, 2020

Click Here to access the Indiana State Department of Health's Indiana COVID-19 Testing


Note: For each testing site, the following information is provided: Location, Scheduling

Options, Hours, Requirements to be Tested, Payment Options, Phone Number, Days/Hours

of Operation, Format of Testing Reporting.

Flu -

Roses are Red , Violets are blue , Please get your shot so you don’t get the FLU!

Contact your healthcare provider or make an appointment at our Brickie Clinic


Sick students-



100.4 degrees, CHILLS, SORE THROAT, COUGH( especially new onset, uncontrolled

cough), DIARRHEA, VOMITING, HEADACHE( particularly new onset of severe headache,



DIFFICULTY BREATHING. If you are unsure, please call your healthcare provider or school

nurse for advice. Please do not send your student to school and instruct them to go directly

to the nurse before the school day begins. Again, if you have any questions or concerns

please contact your school nurse. For more information, please visit our website:

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School Resource Officers Showcase Leadership in Our School

This month, students began cashing in their PBIS tickets for the experience of SRO for the day. For 50 tickets, students can shadow SRO Joe for his daily rounds. They are awarded the privilege of using the radio, checking security of our hallways and doors and even peeking at the security cameras! They receive a special badge and bragging rights for helping to keep our school as safe as it can be! Congratulations Brickies and thanks for being such great leaders at our school!

Fun Times at ELC

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