Montgomery Bus Boycott

Stand up for integration!

Thursday, Dec. 1st 1955 at 7am

Montgomery, AL

Montgomery, AL

Other options for transportation:

  • carpool
  • walk with a friend
  • ride a bike

What's Happening and Why We're Doing It

The purpose of this boycott is to show the town of Montgomery that we are important to the economy of this town and we deserve the same rights as a paying costumer that whites receive. It's not fair for us to be pushed to the back of the bus just because of color. We're paying the same price to ride the bus. We should be able to sit where we want.

The bus situation was brought to light recently with the arrest of Rosa Parks, one of the creators of this boycott and Civil Rights activist. She was sitting in a spot which was okay for her to be in, but as the bus filled up with whites, she was asked to move to the back of the bus to make room for the whites. She simply said no. The cops were called, and she was arrested and fined. We can't let this treatment continue.

With this boycott, we're expecting the leaders of the city to realize we are a vital part of this town's economy and life. Without our money, their bank accounts would be running dry. They need us, but we don't need them. We have to show them that if we're going to be giving them business, we need to be treated with respect. If we're not treated with respect, we'll simply leave.

Meet the masterminds

Rosa Parks

Alabama born, Rosa Parks is a strong advocate for Civil Rights for everyone. She's a member of NAACP. Recently, she was arrested for not giving up her seat on one of Montgomery's buses. She deserves to see justice.

Martin Luther King Jr.

King is an civil right's activist and an important citizen of Montgomery. He's new to the boycotting world, but he sure knows what he's talking about. He has a strong head on his shoulders and understands what the public wants and needs. He knows how to get us there.