East Side Hoodlums Save Lives?

The story of three unexpected heroes on the Oklahoma Herald.

The Incident

In the small town of Windrixville there was an old gloomy church on top of a lush and green hill. Two hoods hid out in the church after one of them commited murder. On the day they left a fire started, the source was most likely a cigarette butt left there by one of the "criminals". A group of small kids where playing in the old church when a fire started and sent pillars of smoke in the air. As the boys ran to the church and brought one of their gang members along. Two of the boys rushed into the church through a shattered window and sent the kids out the window. One stayed behind. While exiting the burning church on of the boys was severly burnt and was struck by a falling wooden plank that shattered his back. The boys friend tried to go back and help but the fellow gang member socked him in the head and he passed out. All of the kids where completely fine, the fire was extinguished, and everyone was sent to the hospital.
Who are these outcasts to society, these outsiders? Well the hero who's back is currently shattered is Johnny Cade (top middle). He is a sixteen yearold highschooler whos home life is not so great. His dad beats him and his mom ignores him unless she has something to yell at him for. He was once jumped and badly injured by a rival gang called the Soc's and hasn't been the same since. He's had a rough life and feels his only friends and family are his fellow gang members and his very best friend Ponyboy Curtis. Ponyboy is fourteen years old and is already in highschool still getting good grades. He also saved kids in the burning church but wasn't as badly injured as Johnny. His home life is spent with only his two older brothers because his parents died in a car crash when he was young. His older brother Darry is the oldest in the house and is often working and is very hard on ponyboy only because he thinks he has potential. His oldest brother would be the oldest in the gang but he is not fully part if the gang because he has to mork so much. Therefore the oldest in the gang is Dally Winston he is already on the polices records for murder, stealing, vandilism, and other unlawful things. He was injured saving Johnny and had nothing to do with saving the kids.

What Are The Courts Opinions? My Opionions?

The court is considering putting Johnny and Ponyboy in a boy's home because of the lack of parenting that could of prevented this problem. Also they have gone into more investigation on the hero's history. The boy's gaurdians will report to the judge in person this following week.

What I think should happen is let gaurdians have a second cance and if Johnny even survives let him on house arrest at his gaurdians home for a while so his gang members will protect him against the rival gang's retaliation.

Oklahoma Herald

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