February 15th-February 19th


This is a reminder of this week's PLCs. They will be held on your normal scheduled days. You will need to bring your green folder that was given to you at the last in-service and any questions you may have concerning PR-4, PR-5, and PR-6. We will also be discussing the new changes to Airtime. Ms. Larocque and I will attempt to answer any questions you may have during this PLC. If time runs out and we need to extend the Q&A session to next week's PLC, we can definitely do that. Please be on time and attentive to avoid any distractions and to allow everyone an opportunity to have their questions answered. Thanks so much!

EOC Challenge Pizza Parties

We will begin having the pizza parties this week for those students that met or exceeded their growth target from pre to mid-point assessment. Students will be given a green ticket to hand to their teacher. No green slip=no admittance to pizza party. We will not have one pizza party for all students at one time. The pizza party will be spread out over a couple of days in order to accommodate all of the students. Thank you for all that you've done and continue to do to help these students achieve that goal!

ACT Boot Camp-Friday, February 26th

CPSB has paid for Juniors and Seniors who were enrolled in the ACT Prep class in the fall to participate in an ACT Boot Camp on Friday, February 26th. We will be calling them down to the cafeteria during Airtime on Tuesday to inform them of this opportunity. This is a 6-hour intensive review session that is FREE to these particular students. I will be sending out an e-mail listing those students who will be attending to excuse them from class on that day. Please continue to do any ACT review you possibly can with your students. Every little bit counts and one more question answered correctly can make a difference in their overall composite score.


Counselors have completed scheduling with the English classes in the large classroom of the library. There are still some students (over 100, actually) who were absent and still need to have a schedule made for next school year. Please don't send students to Guidance to have a schedule made. Monica Little will be calling students down one at a time to complete their schedule.

Testing! Testing!

Tuesday, March 1st will be the testing day for Sophomores and Juniors! Sophomores will be taking the PLAN test and Juniors will be taking the ACT. Teachers can expect testing to go into part of 4th hour. We are all aware of the importance of the ACT results to our school as was discussed in the PLC. ACT scores are 25% of our overall School Performance Score. PLAN testing is also equally important to our school! If 50% (last year it was 30% and the state increased it this year) of our students reach their growth target from PLAN to ACT, the school will receive bonus (progress) points. Remember, we are an "A" school this year only because those progress points helped to bump us up from a "B" status to an "A" status.


Airtime changes that will be discussed in this week's PLC will go into effect on Tuesday, February 23rd. Please do not begin with these changes until that time.


Congratulations to Coach Durio, her assistant coaches, and her girls basketball players on winning the District Championship for the first time ever in Barbe history with a perfect 14-0 record! They will be playing a first round playoff game at home on Thursday, February 18th. Come on out and show your support!

Congratulations to the Lady Bucs Soccer Team for defeating St. Joseph's Academy (2-0) in the Division 1 Quarterfinals! They will be playing away either Friday or Saturday when they take on either Mt. Carmel or East Ascension. They won't know who it will be for sure until tomorrow! Best of luck to the Lady Bucs!!!