Nutrition keeps you on your Mission

Eating is a part of weight loss.

Why Eating Healthy also makes You Loose Weight

Eating healthy is a key essential on loosing weight. Lets say you just ran a mile, great! That is a great way to benefit you and your body, but then you come home and eat a ice cream sundae. Then you just lost all that you just worked on loosing and gained more back. But if you ate healthy then you would've still lost weight.

How doing this helped Me

Learning about your daily nutrition has really helped me and my family learn how to treat our bodies. This also helped me and my family feel and act better. This whole nutrition part on really helped me eat healthier. I really recommend this website.

Labels are just the first step

You must make sure that the product you are buying has the 5-20 rule. This rule says that if a nutrient or vitamin is 20% or over it is a good source of that nutrient. If a nutrient is 5% or below it is probably not a good source of that nutrient. The exact opposite goes for unhealthy things like trans fats or high in sodium. Next you want to make sure that there is no false advertising, check the ingredients compared to what is on the front of the product. The first thing on the ingredients list usually means its high in that item. Follow these steps and get your exercise in every day and you will be sure to be physically fit.