Instructional Tech

April 4th - April 8th, 2016


Welcome back from Spring Break!

This week we are wrapping up the nine weeks, and Chromecarts are going to be more widely available!

The iPads are starting to get more use, so if you are interested in using them, please remember to look at the calendar and sign up!

You can find the calendar and sign-up button at! (Scroll do the bottom of the first page)

One-to-One Initiative Update

As of right now, we are looking good to continue with our initiative starting Fall, 2016 in grades 7-10 (expanding to 7-12 in Fall, 2017).

Watch out for more updates on our initiative soon!

Try something new in 2016!

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Have your student's create a website or portfolio!!


Websites and portfolios are a great way for students to display their work and create something to demonstrate their knowledge. Being able to create your own is an important skill many of our students will require later in life. Starting with a simple tool like Weebly can help teach them some of the basics, and show off their knowledge at the same time.

Weebly is free and easy to use. Please check out the following video. If you are ever interested in Weebly, and would like my assistance in doing a lesson, just let me know!

--Dr. G.

Weebly - A quick how-to

Your Instructional Technology Resource Specialists,

Mike Embrey


Dr. Brittany Groff