The Weekly Roar

Notes from Nick Novak: Friday January 15, 2016


to all of our counselors, teachers, students, and staff involved in making Lion's Night this past Wednesday a huge success. The breakout sessions were extremely informative and the gallery walk was a highlight for our parents because they got to have their questions answered by the teachers and students who know the classes best. Thanks as well to our custodial staff for such an efficient set up and clean up.

to Gina Palermo and all of our HSA proctors this week for making it through this round of testing. I think we may be done for a couple months...oh wait, scratch that, we have Access testing for ESOL at the end of the month.

to John Arnold and Allyson O'Neill whose internship proposals have been accepted by McDaniel. That means they'll be working with administration on some great initiatives as part of their efforts to earn Admin 1 certification. You'll be seeing them around the school doing some cool "admin-like" things.


Here are some helpful reminders for the upcoming week:

1) Probably no reminder necessary, but there is no school on Monday.

2) We'll begin midterm exams on Tuesday with an extended 1st period (exam) and abbreviated 2nd and 3rd periods. The day continues as usual for periods 4-6. Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday are all half days with bell schedules as follows:

Wednesday 1/20

7:25-9:05 Period 2 Exam

9:05-9:25 Break

9:30-11:10 Period 3 Exam

Thursday 1/21

7:25-9:05 Period 4A Exam

9:05-9:25 Break

9:30-11:10 Period 4B Exam

Friday 1/22

7:25-9:05 Period 5 Exam

9:05-9:25 Break

9:30-11:10 Period 6 Exam

3) If we have any inclement weather next week, we will alter the schedule according to the documents Lynnette posted on Canvas (and send out reminders via email).

4) Students will have time during the breaks on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday to have conversations with teachers about courses for next year. See Dale's email for more info.

Staff Birthdays

Happy Birthday to the following staff members celebrating this week:

1/16 Brad Dyer

1/17 Beth Galloway

1/17 Michelle Rugiel

1/17 Sharon Sowada

1/19 Michael Kaplan

1/20 Chris Campbell

1/20 Jon Hollander

Instructional Tidbit

1-Minute (or Less) Way to Build/Repair Student-Teacher Relationships

Today's tidbit comes from our very own Tamara Jones, speech pathologist and cultural proficiency liaison, who offers some great advice on praising students who may typically receive punishment:

Intentionally compliment a student. Say what???? Yes, compliment a student, especially those “high fliers”. Instead of pulling them out of class to reprimand a behavior, shock them by pulling them out for a good reason. Just a quick, simple statement such as "I noticed you ignore your peers talking. I know that's hard to do. Nice job." or "I saw you getting your work out when I asked. I really like that you were listening and paying attention. Can’t wait to see more!”

Benjamin Franklin said, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” With the ounce you put it, you might find that you’re spending less time dealing with problems and more time teaching! Win-Win!

Positive Student-Teacher Relationships

I saw this video and thought it was a nice complement to Tamara's instructional tidbit:
Positive Student Teacher Relationships


In partnership with families and the community, it is the mission of Howard High School to cultivate an environment of collaboration, empowerment, and engagement that exhibits world-class support for staff and inspires students to thrive in a dynamic world.