Prairie Project

by: Lane Huebert


You could see the tall grass sticking out of the ground. Also you could see the trees that were in the middle of the prairie with the leaves covering the ground because we visited in the fall.


Fresh air was all around us and you could smell it no matter where you were. You also might get the smell of trees when you were down looking at them.


You don't taste much at the prairie but if you wanted to try to taste something you could taste the stem of a weed but it won't fulfill you because it tastes bland and boring.


You couldn't hear much besides the kids talking and cars driving by, you also could hear the sound of people walking in the grass.


You could feel the grass hitting you legs and hands and when you try to climb through the trees you probably will feel the branches brushing the back of your head.


As I sat in the grass I could again hear the noises of the other students and you could hear them walking in the grass. It never really changed and was the same.


When you open your eyes I could see a lot of tall grass and and occasional student as they walked by. I could also see the fresh air.


When first looked at the Prairie it looked small, but as you walk along you realize how big the prairie actually was it was full too there were no empty spots.
It is a place for learning and when students visit it, it helps them get a better understanding of life.
I would be worried because everywhere you look you see plants that are 5 ft. High everywhere you look. As I would live there I would become more fond of it because of how open it was, there weren't any trees and so all you would have to do is get rid of some plants.
It let us see it for ourselves instead of sitting in the classroom learning about it.