The Gloriuos Great White

Oliver Chang


Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be a five ton killing machine? The great white shark is exactly that. The great white sharks habitat, diet, and appearance are very important. This great shark has many attributes that makes it one of the greatest ocean predators in history.


The great white shark has interesting attributes and a fascinating behavior. The great white is an awesome shark and amazing predator. The great white shark is important shark in our ecosystem and humans should stop hunting them. This makes this shark one of the greatest ocean predator in history.

Think Tank

Word wall

the word wall is a wall on facts and phrases about my animal. I have 10 facts of the Great White Shark.
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Go fish

go fish

My budget for my fish tank is $250 and I got $249.11. I got $148.16 from items in my tank like the tank itself, food, gravel, and the decorations including tax. I then got $100.95 when I got my 9 fish. The total size of all my fish is 14.5 inches. I got 1 Powder Blue Tang which was 2 inches long and $37.59, a Dog Face Puffer which is 1.5 inches long and $37.99, 6 Domino Damsels which are 6 inches long in all and $22.98 in all, last, I got a Female Veiltail Betta which is 2 inches long and $2.39. I got a 20 gallon tank even though I only need 14.5 gallons to support all my fish. The Female Veiltail Betta can breathe from the surface due to modified gills, known as the labyrinth organ. The Domino Damsel will become more aggressive and active as it matures. The Dog Face Puffer maneuvers just like a helicopter, and uses its beak to crush its food. The largest scientifically measured Powder blue tang was 54.0 cm / 21.3 in.



My diorama is about the great white shark. It is all made out of model magic. It has a jelly fish, stingray, flounder, great white shark, coral, an eel, and a dolphin.
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Huge Great White Shark circles the boat and feeds on a Whale