Oakwoods and Plains

Eco Region Project By: Callie, Maddie, Ellie, and Cleo

Biome Info.

A. our eco region is oak woods and plains and it belongs to the rolling hills biome.

B. the annual rainfall there is about 39.99 in. the average temperature is between 78 F to 44 F. and some water sources are Lake Tetonkaha, The Oakwood Lake, and Johnson Lake.


they break down dead plants and animals. As they are broken down, they turn into nutrients.




Decomposers are beneficial to new plant growth because it gives the plant the right nutrients they need to be successful and live.

When decomposing, the type of energy released is radiant energy.

energy pyramid

Producers in the oaks woods forests and plains are seeds,oaks,fruit,worms,nuts,and grass. Primary consumers are small birds, deer, and mice. Secondary consumers are hawks and snakes. And the teritary consumer is wolves.

An energy pyramid is a pyramid made up of organisms that pass on a small amount of their energy to the upper level.

Only a small percent is passed down from the prey to the predator witch is 10%.

And the differences between producers and consumers is that producers make their own energy, while consumers depend on other organisms for energy.

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Food web

Autotrophs are the animals that can make their own food, while heterotrophs relay on other plants and animals to get their energy.
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