World's Most Awesome Mom

From: Your lovable Daughter Melissa Ibarra

Happy Mothers day Mom! love you very much, I want you to know that I love messing around with you but I love you to the moon and back. I will never let you go and I also want you to know that i'm going to be an amazing daughter when I grow up. I will be a baker, artist, and more maybe. So mom just to let you know that thanks for always being they're for me and trying to fix things you still are. Plus you buy us whatever we want and let are friends come over, plus you also let me go where ever I want and go to birthdays and sleepovers. Thank so much for my life it's amazing no matter what. I love no matter WHAT!

I wrote you a poem

Rosa's are red,

Rosa's are blue,

I love you and I hope you love me too.