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Thursday Tech Sessions

This Thursday afternoon come along and find out how to set up a collaborative space for your class using Edmodo. Edmodo allows for you to communicate with your students in a safe, secure environment. You can upload files, such as homework and notes, set self-marking quizzes for students to complete as homework or in-class (using computers or iPads) or set up groups with specific activities or links for quick access by students.
I'll also walk you through 3 new apps the school has purchased which contain graphic organziers for almost everything you can think of.

Maths Links

Fraction Planet

Fraction Planet - Sign up your class in one quick and easy step. Students can then log in and progress through levels and you can keep track of the activities they've completed and areas of difficulty.

Asia Education Foundation

AEF - Mathematics units developed with an Asian focus to tie in with the Australian Curriculum. In the menu on the left you can check out the resources for other KLAs also.

Maths Games - Printables

A PDF book of 42 different maths games that you can print, laminate and play over and over again. From the same author are 17 volumes of a Let's Make Maths Fun magazine. Each magazine has printable games and puzzles and all are totally free. Simply scroll down this page past the book purchasing section until you reach a list of links to the Let's Make Maths Fun magazines. Simply click on them and then save the PDF file.

Check out this Pinterest board with lots of Maths games ready to print. Or head over to Maths Salamanders to browse the entire collection.

Finally, check out Dr. Mike's Math Games for Kids site. Loads of interactive games, printables, puzzles and strategy style games. Great activities for Maths groups.


No one came and saw me with a USB after the last flyer for their 'fun' freebie. I'll extend the offer for one more week.

Dominie Warehouse Sale

Saturday, Aug. 10th, 9am-2pm

3 Hartley Dr

Thornton, NSW

Nothing over $1.99. Click here for the flyer.

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