The Human Brain

by Robert Butts

What is the Human Brain??

The human brain is the most complex natural system in the known universe; its complexity rivals and probably exceeds the complexity of the most intricate social and economical structures. It is science's new frontier. (Goldberg, 2001, p. 23)

About Us

Thalamus - visual, auditory, tactile

Hypthalamus - food intake, liquid intake, body temperature

Amygdala - emotional learning

Cerebellum - muscle coordination, equilibrium

Diseases and Disorders




Physical Trauma



Early Methods of Treatment

Current Methods of Treatment

Why Should a Teacher Care About This?

1 - It is important to know about this subject as a teacher because this gives teachers a fundamental understanding of how the brain works. If teachers can understand how the brain works then they can better understand how learning works.

2 - It is also important to understand the different disorders because teachers can observe and take action to help the student if necessary.

3 - If a teacher ignores signs of a disorder, it can have long term implications on the development of the child.