Olivia W.


Looks Like

A panda bear looks like a raccoon but it is known as the bamboo bear, a bear with black and white fur. A panda has a black and white mask on its face and that is why scientists originally thought that they were related to raccoons. Giant Pandas are part of the bear family. Pandas are born with an extra thumb to hold bamboo better. It helps them pick it up and hold the bamboo when they eat it.

Pandas have large molars and strong jaws to crunch the bamboo sticks. Pandas also naturally roll their shoulders and hips, that is why they walk diagonally. Pandas have poor eyesight, sometimes they walk right past bamboo, sometimes they also they walk past other pandas that they want to mate with. Their poor eyesight effects how the panda looks for dangerous predators, bamboo and other pandas. Baby pandas are born weighing only 5 ounces but the adult bear can weigh up to 300 pounds.


The endangered panda lives in a unique area. All pandas are endangered. Endangered means that the animals are threatened to be killed. Pandas live alone not even with their partner or their babies. Babies only live with their mom for 1 ½ years. Pandas only mate in the month of April for three days. Hibernating is an unusual thing for pandas, instead of hibernating like other bears they walk to lower levels to be warm during the winter. They only travel ¼ of a mile a day. They live in shallow domes, which are kind of like caves but not deep. There are only approximately 1,000 pandas left in the world and 140 live in captivity in the zoos. Pandas usually only live to be 35 years old when they live in the zoo.


A panda likes and dislikes many things. Pandas don’t like meat, but they love bamboo, they eat bamboo for 8 hours. Pandas eat 20-45 pounds of bamboo a day. A panda explores a lot, after exploring pandas sleep for 16 hours. Pandas bark and snort while riding on tire swings. Pandas are also good at climbing and sitting in trees.