By: Abigail Cockrum

Join Stephen F. Austin to start a new colony in Texas. There's a bunch of land for the taking!

About our Moving

About the Land

We will move in the Coastal Plains region. It has a mild climate, fertile soil for crops, and an abundance of resources.

Amount of Land

Each male has a limit of buying 640 acres

if he has a wife he can purchase an additional 320 acres

an additional 160 acres per child a man has

and 80 acres per slave


121/2 cents per acre


Credit is available

To Come you Must...

There are a couple things you have to do to be able to come to Texas with Stephen F. Austin. You must

  • Become a citizen of the Spanish/Mexican government,
  • Oath of allegiance to Spanish/Mexican Government,
  • become Catholic, and
  • prove good moral charcter


If you are interested please contact Stephen F. Austin.

There will be a contract signing on Nov. 5th

if you are not able to make it to that please come to Stephen F. Austin's office with an appointment please.

Southeastern St. 51880

Moses Austin

This is Moses's, Stephen's father, dream. He would've been the one to take ya'll but sadly he caught pneumonia and died a terrible death. But Stephen kept his wishes going. We wish the best to his family.



Some benefits of moving to Texas is that it is cheap and since the soil is very good you can make money from selling crops. There are also resources and many opportunities for new life. You will also have more freedom.