The Federated States of Micronesia

A Great Destination for the ENTIRE Family!

Landforms of the region, bodies of water, Plateaus, Mountain Ranges, and Plains

Mountain Ranges- Dolohmwar Mountain, Mount Finkol, Mount Teroken

Bodies of water- Chuuk Lagoon

Landforms- Islands of Chuuk, Islands of Kosrae, Pohnpei

Religion, Traditions, and Current Issues

Despite the varieties of people in Micronesia, the main religion is Catholic.

The meeting house, called "Pe'bai, is found in each village in the island of Yap, the western-most island chain of the FSM, and it’s most culturally intact.

Pe'bai is a kind of public hall where men, women, and children come together for various community activities. Faluws stand along the shoreline and serves as a port, workspace for men, and a learning space for cultivating traditional work skills. To this day, women are not allowed near Faluws. These beautiful and striking traditional architectures of Yap are constructed entirely by hand using only local materials.

Current issues in Micronesia include overfishing, climate change, and pollution. Other issues include Acid Rain and Biodiversity.