The Human Seasons

By John Keats

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A time of new beginnings. Spring is a season where the young play happily, and are filled with energy. Keats describes Spring as "Lusty" and "Beautiful", being that it is of youth.
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Where growing happens. Summer represents the development into young adulthood, where love is found. Keats uses words like "thoughtful" and "dreaming", as thinking of ones future.
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An aging period. As the leaves turn color, so does the hair. Autumn represents the stillness of life as time goes. Keats says "To let fair things pass by unheeded", to portray that day by day goes by unnoticed.
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The end of time. Where life no longer continues, but awaits termination. Not dark, but peaceful. Keats uses "pale misfortune", to describe the result of the perished.