What ASL is.

ASL or American sign languge is a visual way of talking to other people who are deaf.When using ASL your using your hands and your faial expressions. Most people who are deaf use it. Many peopel all around the world use this.ASl has its own uniqu style to it. Just like any other langue is has its own grammer rules to be followed. ALS is a real lagunge. If you were to say sorry you would sign it. ASL is not english. ASL is more commonly used between deaf and deaf.

What is pse?

PSE or pidgin signed English does not have one set of ruls.It is used by the deaf. You use your hands just like in asl.To use pse you may be able to hear somethings but not everything.PSE is combined with English and asl. PSE is not consider a true lague. To say butiful you would sign it and than add ful in finger spell. used in school and at home. PSE easy to laern compaired to asl. PSE is normaiy used bettween deaf and hearing poeple.In Pse the words are in English order with ASL signs.

what is see?

SEE or Signing Exact English is a type of system. Provieds hard of hearing and the deaf people.SEE helps people who cant hear learn english faster and better.Sings + finger spelling is how people what people do in order to use see. SEE is not a real laguge. you are using your hands just like in asl see and pse. If you were to say sorry you would finger spell it. uses english in order.