How to Journey from Hell to Health: What they don’t want you to know

“You have cancer.” My emotions ranged from shock and fear to frustration that I was too young to die and had so much more to accomplish in my life.

But it got worse. The recommended operation sounded horrible.

I started to ask questions about what life would be like afterwards. The more questions I asked, the more confused I became by the answers.

Finally, I realized that this was just to treat my symptoms, not to cure me. In the year before, my grandmother and mother had both died as a result of taking prescription drugs to treat their diseases. I delayed the operation.

I spent all my time researching for alternative ways to heal. But that meant getting to know the root causes of my condition.

I was at first horrified to figure out that there were many possible sources of my cancer. They were all around me. And in what I ate and drank everyday. And how poorly I was taking care of myself.

But after my initial shock, I realized that if I made more conscious choices, maybe I could get better.

This book is about what I discovered on my Journey from hell to health. As I became educated, I could see things as they are. Not how we are brainwashed to see them.

Health threats are everywhere, like in our hospitals. Our medical system is one of the leading causes of death.* Our hospitals are dangerous places to be, with one medical error per person per day.

Our world and lifestyles are toxic. We have been made into our own worst enemies. Consuming what is harmful. Leading lives full of stress. Thinking that we’ll be happier if we have even more of the same.

All this makes little sense…except to those profiting.

It’s deceptively hard to recognize when addicted and brainwashed. We need to detoxify. We need to nourish our bodies, minds and emotional beings.

If you are ready to see the world as it is, you can end your own suffering and begin your journey from hell to health.

* The China Study, page ___.

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The Impact

The whole idea of this book is that by opening yourself to new, true information, you will form new beliefs. When you form new beliefs, you will want to change how you live, what you buy, how you relate to yourself and others. These changes can help you feel better than ever and help you be happier and more-fulfilled.

The combination of doing more of the good things and fewer of the bad things is important. All of these steps, taken together, at the end of the day, make a big difference.

As the differences add up, you start to feel better and in more control. You look for more of what to avoid, what to promote.

Happiness research studies agree that cultivating mutually loving and caring family and personal relationships are important, if not the most important, ingredient for your happiness and fulfillment. Beyond personal relationships, there are also your relationships to communities and the world to consider and address.

Your family and friends may notice changes you have made and be curious. You may make suggestions or simply inform someone close to you about something that may be harmful to, or beneficial for, them. You find how rewarding it can be to be a resource for people you love.

As you communicate with the larger world, you find that you can have influence and help people who are ready to question their beliefs and change. Success on a larger scale can lead to changes in consumer demand and the improvements in products and services that are more in alignment with what we consciously choose, not what they want to make us choose or accept.